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How to use the Design Thinking Process in student publications


Low-lift warm up to begin creative thinking!

Typically, this is REALLY easy for about 45s-1min. But then it gets harder to think about what to draw. Encourage them along the way to think outside the box, give some simple suggestions, try keep them going the full 3 minutes. 

Sticky Note Idea Generation 

Pure brainstorming (either empathize or define phase) – simply give each kid a bunch of sticky notes and have them put one idea per sticky note up on the board/wall. No ideas are bad ideas – don’t pay attention to anyone else’s stickies, no feedback yet, just ideas. High energy – play some music. Round 2 would be looking at each idea and categorizing them, removing duplicates, and looking for trends. This is commonly used to define things like – who are our students? what’s unique about this year? or could be used for the word bank exercise as well. This is also really great for coming up with a theme phrase.

Create a Persona

Worksheet to define your audience.

Crazy 8s

Worksheet for brainstorming activity to iterate quickly.

Word Bank

Activity to brainstorm theme related content.

Constructive Feedback

Simple form to give feedback to each other.

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