Thank you for all that you do.

I have a love-hate relationship with Thanksgiving. I know, I know, but hear me out!

I don’t like Thanksgiving food. 🙈 

Don’t get me wrong – I can get down with carbs like no other. But turkey? ham? It’s SO much prep to shop and cook and clean…. eh, it just doesn’t rile me up like it does most of America this time of year. My family on the other hand…. they LOVE Thanksgiving food so much they also make it in July…. seriously… the whole she-bang. 

But what I do love is the sentiment.

I try to be very intentional about having a spirit of thankfulness whenever possible. Of course, that’s an all-the-dang-time kind of thing and not just this one day, but I do love taking the time this week to express my gratitude to those who I am thankful for. 

and that means YOU.

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible work that each of you puts into creating and maintaining your school publications. While advising is often a thankless job, I want you to know that your hard work is providing a gift to your community. Your dedication to capturing the essence of each academic year does not go unnoticed. Knowing firsthand what it takes to be an adviser, I am truly thankful for the extraordinary effort you consistently invest in your students, your school, and your publications.

One aspect that deserves special recognition is the substantial amount of extra time you willingly contribute to ensure the publication becomes a cherished keepsake for your students. Whether it’s late nights spent designing layouts, weekends devoted to workshops, after-school photography bootcamps, or the countless hours meticulously proofreading content, your commitment to excellence shines through. It’s this unwavering commitment that transforms a collection of moments into a beautiful, cohesive narrative of the school year.

I also intimately understand that being a publications teacher entails wearing multiple “hats” – you’re not just educators, but also graphic designers, photographers, editors, project managers, therapists, stand-in parents, and more. Your ability to seamlessly transition between these roles is truly commendable, and it significantly enhances the quality of the final product. It’s inspiring to witness the creativity and versatility you bring to the table, juggling various responsibilities with grace and skill.

You are instrumental in preserving the spirit and essence of your school community, and your school is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated individual guiding your students through this important endeavor.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my little website, watching the videos, downloading the resources, and providing me with feedback and ideas to create even better content for you. Personally, this year hasn’t been the easiest for me, but Organized Adviser is my passion project and that fuels me every day. It is an honor to provide you with as much support as I possibly can. Seeing the planner “in the wild,” or your students working on Delicious Design or even a simple email thanking me for a resource – those are the moments that keep me going.

Thank you for everything you do. 

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