Calendar Templates and Examples

I give you permission to call me a calendar hoarder. I embrace it. 

I love planning so much that I may get a tattoo that says “prior proper planning prevents poor performance.” 

I wholllllleheartedly believe that 99% of an adviser’s success comes from their ability to plan ahead and follow through on that plan.

This is a simple two-page calendar that give you space for a high-level plan of the year. Use this to map out big events like:

  • Homecoming 
  • School plays/performances
  • End/start of sports seasons
  • Big projects (science fair, art show, etc.) 
  • Print deadlines
  • Portrait days/deadlines
  • Sales deadlines
  • Ads deadlines


This helps you stay on top of all the little things happening around you, sending reminders, and sending photographers to capture the action. 

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