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At the end of the school year, there are several weeks after the publications are done that seniors spend laying in various places around the classroom alternating between binge-video-watching and being annoying to those actually trying to work.

In addition to planning the banquet, writing thank you notes to the entire school, and coordinating the beast that is yearbook distribution day, I also make them write a letter to next year’s staff.

They are to offer advice, experience, what to do and what not to do, etc. I require it be at least a page long, but they can fill the space however they’d like.

Some do a collage of photos with short sentences, some an actual thoughtful and meaningful letter, some bullet points because the senioritis is just too strong at that point. Some decorate it, most type it but some handwrite. I put them all into the staff manual (that the staff receives on the first day of school) and it’s a nice nostalgic moment as the returners read what their friends wrote, and it gives the newbie a chance to witness the family dynamic they’re now apart of.

Students have mentioned how they look forward to being able to write a letter to the next year’s staff, once it finally gets to be their turn.

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