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Our Mission

To equip advisers with the tools they need to confidently build a thriving journalism program.

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Learn how to
teach journalism


From providing expert trainers to full-scale event production


One-on-one training, assistance, feedback, emergency advising, etc.


One-on-one training
for new advisers


Publication feedback
& competition prep

Content Creation

Graphic & web design,
curriculum, strategy, etc.

plain & simple

We make your life easier

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to putting together student publications… we can help!

Vetted Experts

Our team of scholastic journalism experts are ready to bring a fresh perspective to your staffs.


While most of our trainers are readily available in the summer, we also have trainers on call year-round who are ready to step in when you need them most.


We are a one-stop-shop and can handle everything for you: strategy, event production, registration management, travel plans, trainer payments, etc.