Looking to reach the next level?

  • Theme critique
  • Reporting/coverage critique
  • Design critique
  • Pre-deadline critique
  • Contest preparation

One of the first pieces of advice we give any new adviser is: ALWAYS submit your publication for critique! You may not win, and you may not like the feedback the judges have for you, but it gives you a tangible roadmap for things to improve on the next year. We KNOW it’s super intimidating to submit for critiques – let alone contests – but we promise, it is SO worth it! 

Whether you’re just getting started or your publications have a solid foundation, we can offer another set of eyes before you hit submit. We are JEA certified critique judges, and regularly provide critiques through state and nationwide journalism education organizations, so we are very familiar with the current industry standards and what the judges will be looking for. 

"Katie Moreno worked with my magazine staff at a journalism camp in Kansas City. They learned so much, not just about writing and interviewing, but they also worked on leadership and planning. She got to know the kids and what they wanted to accomplish with their magazine, and she also helped them branch out and be more willing to make big changes. They have a new cover style, style guide and big plans for this idea. I also have used many of her templates and lesson plans back at school, and even on my 15th year of teaching, she has improved my resources tremendously. We appreciate Katie so much, and our school is getting a better publication because of her help."
Cherie Burgett
Adviser, Staley HS