Project – Unique Angles

This is a super simple assignment I use to “test” their behavior outside of class on a shooting day. It’s very quick, so I am able to spend about 10 minutes at the beginning of class explaining rules and expectations for how they are to behave when out of my room. I give them a quick lesson about how photojournalists are to always be seeking a story happening around them, and capture it from a unique angle.

Having them take photos of ordinary objects (such as a trash can) from a unique angle gets them thinking about different ways to look at things.

I have them take 4 photos of 4 objects (and turn in all 16 photos).

how someone would ordinarily take the photo

Start off with "typical" boring photo

Then, try a unique angle

Angle/turn camera, get up close, shoot straight down

Then, try aNOTHER

Worm's Eye view

and finally, a extraordinarily unique angle

From inside - get creative! (Taken on a cell phone using timer mode!)

I always pull the best ones and comment on storytelling elements or especially creative captures.

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