Project – Superhero Movie Poster

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Shooting Directions

Work with a partner, you will shoot their photo and they will shoot yours. You will edit the photo of you.

MODEL: Pose as a superhero for a poster of your new upcoming movie. Consider any props you may need to bring (cape, glasses, something related to your super power, etc.)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Remember to consider all camera settings to ensure good lighting and focus. Make sure all body parts are in frame and subject is not standing on grass.

Complete your cutout and save as a .PSD (Photoshop Document).

Editing Directions

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. File > New (CTRL + N)
  3. US Paper (PRINT tab)

    Size: Legal (8.5w, 14h, 300 resolution)
  4. Find high-resolution background off the internet (can be a city, grungy, a sky, space, comic-book themed, whatever you want!)
    TIP: Using Google Images, search for a high-res image by going to Tools > Size > Large
  5. Place (File > Place Embedded) your internet background onto the Photoshop document
  6. Place your cutout
  7. Add additional elements if needed to make sure your super power is very clear to the audience
  8. Add text (pay special attention to font choice, color, placement, etc.) – don’t just throw them all on there, make it look like a real movie poster!
  9. Add the movie title very large and eye-catching
  10. Add “SCHOOL NAME Photojournalism Presents” small at the top
  11. Starring [YOUR NAME] somewhere
  12. Credits (optional)
  13. Coming Soon (optional)

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