Press Staff Survey

One of the first things I think journalism advisers need to master is creating systems to keep track of kiddos.

Once the staff in announced for the following year, create this in a Google Form. They’re super easy to make, share and pull the data from.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Staff (Yearbook or Newspaper) – so you can easily sort the list later
  4. Cell Phone Number
  5. School Email Address – if required
  6. Summer Email Address – if they don’t check/have access in the summer
  7. Birthday – to make a list easily later
  8. Parent’s Name
  9. Parent’s Cell Phone
  10. Parent’s Email
  11. Favorite candy – so helpful for editors/treats later!
  12. Favorite drink – so helpful for editors/treats later!

Options you may consider adding (especially if you’re a new adviser):

  • New or returning staff member
  • Editor or manager position
  • Favorite thing about staff last year (returners)
  • What you’re most looking forward to (newbies)