Design Your Own Press Pass

Our school requires students to have hall passes if they are working on class projects in the hallways during a class period.

They design their own press passes – I’ve found it makes them more excited to wear them and they’re less likely to forget. I have them return them to me each day, so they don’t get stuck left at home. I keep them in this pocket folder organizer on the wall near the door so they see it on the way out.

I give them one class period to take their photos. This is their first time out to take photos so they usually enjoy and have fun taking the photos of each other. Very quickly, I go over basic guidelines for portraits just so they use a picture of their face and not their shoes or back of their head or something silly.

Then, I give them two 45-minute class periods to design their Press Pass. They turn in a JPG to Google Drive, and then I print them all at once (to save paper). They are cut out and inserted into ID holders like these.

Below are some examples, and links to the printable instructions. There is also a video if students prefer to follow along visually with audio instructions. This is helpful for kiddos who want to pause and go back if they get confused.

Written Instructions

Instruction Video

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