Newsroom Rules & Etiquette

In the beginning of each school year, I have my kiddo’s take basic rules and create their own set based on what guidelines they think a newsroom needs in order to function smoothly. Of course, I look at them, edit as needed, and have final approval, but because they came up with them, I’ve found it really helps them buy into it (read: they actually follow them!) We try to keep them simple… it’s overwhelming if there are too many. Once they’re finalized I make them into a poster and hang it on the wall all year in an easy-to-point-to place.

Here is a general list of the types of things we include:

  • Be professional. Remember you are a representative of the journalism staff and our school and your language and behavior should reflect that.
  • Always log off the computer
  • Throw away your trash
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink or anywhere in the kitchen area
  • No food or drink near the computers
  • Check your box everyday (we have these mailboxes that I use to pass back papers/exchange notes/store interview information)
  • Use earbuds if you want to listen to music


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