Project – Magazine Cover

Copy and paste these right into Google classroom or your school’s assignment platform!

Shooting Directions

Work with a partner, you will shoot their photo and they will shoot yours. You will edit the photo of you.

MODEL: This is a model headshot, so it will be relatively closeup. Put all your weight on one leg and pose with curvature to your body so you look human, and not like this is a mugshot! Bring one shoulder closer to the camera, and relax! Have fun with it.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Remember to consider all camera settings to ensure good lighting and focus. Make sure to take the photo as a full-body or at least waist up.

You are perfect the way you are. Really – I mean it. But for this exercise, we are editing your photo in a Hollywood style, just to learn how it’s done.

Use liquify to edit facial proportions, smooth the skin, brighten the eyes, whiten the teeth, remove blemishes, etc.

Complete your cutout and save as a .PSD (Photoshop Document).

Editing Directions

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. File> New (CTRL N)
    Size: Letter (8.5w, 11h, 300 resolution)
  3. Find high-resolution background off the internet (can be whatever you want!

    TIP: Using Google Images, search for a high-res image by going to Tools > Size > Large
  4. Place (File > Place Embedded) your internet background onto the Photoshop document
  5. Place your cutout
  6. Add Magazine Name – something creative and catchy. Design it to be a logo. Make sure it’s very large, like a magazine name would be. Be sure to use fonts and colors that look good together.
  7. Surround the image with at least 5 teasers for articles that would be in the magazine
  8. Find a barcode on Google and place it onto your Photoshop document

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