Celebrate everything!

We talk about about building a culture. We also listen to a lot of Gary Vee, who is the king of building a great company cultureHe can be a little brash, but his business sense and foresight is unmatched. When he talks about culture – he’s spot on. 

One really easy and tangible way to begin building a great culture within your staff is to celebrate everything. Vee speaks about building company culture specifically, but that can easily be applied to your publications staff. 

When your staff is focused on finding ways to intentionally “fill each other’s cup,” they overflow with compassion toward one another. They are kind, thoughtful, and caring without even trying.  

They know that Sarah has been struggling in math, and she has test on Thursday. They follow up to see how she did and celebrate with her when she worked hard for that B+.  

They know that Juan’s going through a lot at home right now, so they can empathize when his spread didn’t get done on time. They celebrate when it does get done and find ways to compliment his efforts. 

They know that Danielle has wanted to go to NYU her entire life – and she’s been a nervous wreck for weeks waiting to hear from admissions. When she gets in (!!!), the staff plans a surprise party to celebrate her at school the next day.  

Celebrations can be simple or elaborate, but they’re super easy to find once you’re looking for them. Teaching your staff to always be on the lookout for meaningful reasons to celebrate can go such a long way in building a family-like culture. 

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