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Journalism is such a fun subject to teach, but many advisers come into the position without the skills needed to create publications with confidence.

Often coming from an English or Art background, it can be intimidating to realize everything you’re responsible for… graphic design, journalistic writing & editing, print production, photography, advertising, sales, marketing, etc.

Our mission is to equip advisers with the tools they need to build a thriving journalism program.


Learn how to
teach journalism


From providing expert trainers to full-scale event production


One-on-one adviser and/or staff training, assistance, and critique


about katie

My journalism journey began in 8th grade, when I joined the yearbook staff on a whim. Little did I know just how much that decision would affect my life. I continued yearbook through high school, and found my way back into the classroom (but this time, as a teacher) after I graduated college and realized I wasn’t built for the cubicle life that my corporate marketing job offered.

I was a high school journalism adviser for 6 years in Katy, Texas and (with the help of some of the best kids on the planet) built an award-winning journalism program from the ground up.

Back in 2017, I found that advisers were happy to share resources, but there was a need for a central hub to host these resources with a permanent link.  I created Organized Adviser in 2017 to host shared files, but it has grown into so much more.

Today, we equip advisers with the tools they need to confidently build thriving journalism programs through creating highly-interactive and hands-on learning experiences.

Some fun stuff about me – I am a certified scuba diver, strongggg Enneagram 7, collect pins from every city I visit, and drink waaaay too much iced coffee.