Here's the deal...

Right now, teaching is harder than it’s ever been. Students are stressed, teachers are overwhelmed, budgets are stretched.

With travel restrictions, many students haven’t ever been to an in-person workshop to learn the basics… there is a tremendous need in the journalism education industry for experienced advisers to share their expertise.

become an organized adviser


Most journalism trainers struggle
to manage booking workshops because...

When you become an Organized Adviser trainer, you’ll be able to confidently manage your workshops,
build a portfolio of your content, and develop strong relationships with key industry leaders. 


We provide advisers with the tools they need to build a thriving journalism program.

Your teaching philosophy is really important to us

If you love to drone through a decades-old stale slideshow, this probably isn’t the gig for you. 

Of course, we’re in a visual field, so we DO use slides to show examples, but we’re also in the business of educating 21st-century learners, and slides alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. We believe it’s important to give intentional opportunities to reinforce concepts, brainstorm ideas, foster creativity, and build bonds between staff members. 

We’re looking to partner with trainers who align with our mission and want to create the next generation of journalism education resources.

what to expect from us

Immediate Payment

You will be paid via direct deposit as soon as the project or workshop is complete. No more waiting on snail-mail. You will be a 1099 contractor and setup through our payroll platform.

Trainer Profile

Your trainer profile can include your bio, headshots, education & certifications, recognitions, testimonials, what you love to teach, photos of you teaching, a custom speaker rider, content you’ve created, and anything else you think may be helpful for a client to get to know more about you!

Published Bylines

We’re happy to host your content on, giving you a published byline that automatically feed onto your Trainer Profile.


You will be added to a private chat channel to network with our team of trainers. This is the perfect place to throw out ideas, receive and share feedback, swap stories, celebrate each other, etc. 

You’ll also have access to our libraries of stock photos, slide & document templates, publication examples, and any other resources you need to create your very best content.

Clear Expectations

We’ll take care of the fine print for you. Each project includes a Contract with a detailed scope of work, specific requests, format requirements, etc. And, it’s super easy to stay organized with our project management system, built on ClickUp.

what WE expect from YOU


All of the content our trainers create should include at least one interactive element. The possibilities are endless for this, but here are a few examples:

  • hands-on practice activity – photo walk, vocab game, live interview practice, scavenger hunt
  • game – bingo, jeopardy, quizlet
  • guided notes – fillable worksheet, foldable
  • brainstorm break – graphic organizer, sticky note ideas on a poster
  • creative process – mood board, watercolor typography
  • modeling – building a camera out of clay, staple city photography

Don’t worry, we have a curriculum specialist and additional resources to help you create these activities!


Community is a key value of Organized Adviser and our trainers are the heart of it. We encourage you to be active in the chat channel, build relationships with the other trainers and advisers, and contribute content to the site.

Also – bonus! All the content you create for the site will automatically display on your trainer profile, which helps clients get to know you and establishes your authority as an expert journalism educator.


We enforce deadlines with our students, so we need to keep them, too. Our clients trust us to provide high quality content in a timely manner, so we appreciate your prompt replies, and keeping us in the loop regarding your availability. 


Our clients are typically independent yearbook reps, yearbook companies, newspaper printers, portrait photography companies, non-profit organizations, and other journalism-related vendors. Our trainers are also hired by other advisers directly, and principals or school districts looking to invest in their journalism program.

what kind of projects
do WE offer TRAINERS

workshop speaker

Held by local rep or sponsor organization, hosting multiple schools.
Typically 2-4 days long.
May be in-person or virtual.


1-1 with adviser and/or their staff to set up systems, work through issues, increase productivity, etc.
Typically this is a 1-hour virtual session, but are sometimes in-person.


Pre-recorded sessions or live presentation about a single topic.
Typically 30-45 minutes long.

Keynote Speaker

Present a high-energy headlining session at a workshop to kick-off the event that also encourages and motivates staffs.


Review student work and offer advice to increase the publication's content quality, evaluate competition readiness, etc.
JEA Certified Critique Training preferred, but not required.

Instructional Videos

Lesson demonstrations, tutorials, advice, how-to, either for advisers or students.
Typically 10-20 minutes long.

Lesson Plans

Includes instructions and some kind on interactive element (see above for more details).

Graphic Design

Workshop programs, document design, layout templates, social media graphics, etc.
Rate can be per project or an hourly rate.

...and more! We get custom requests all the time, so this list is always growing!

book more workshops

get paid faster

paperwork done for you


We believe that every adviser has something they’re great at, and that’s valuable to the community. 

That said, we are looking for 2 key characteristics when approving new trainers:

  1. Commitment to our mission. Equip advisers with the tools they need to build a thriving journalism program
  2. Commitment to excellence. Quality is SO important to us. We need trainers who hate boring slideshows as much as we do and believe in going the extra mile to engage 21st-century learners so they can make the best publications their school has ever seen. 

When matching trainers to projects, we are looking for expertise in a particular topic. If there is something you LOVE to teach, let us know! (Similarly, if there is something you hate teaching, tell us that too!)

Typically, in-demand trainers have 4+ years of experience, a CJE or MJE credential, publication recognition, and/or previous workshop experience, but there are no set minimum requirements.

This type of work is perfect for retired advisers who miss the crazy world of scholastic journalism!

Check out HOW WE WORK (below) to see more about what we expect.

how we work


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right – the first time.


Activities over 
slides, always.


We intentionally inject FUN into everything we do. 


Take meaningful, calculated action in order to best serve advisers and their students.


We teach for 21st-century learners.


The more minds, the better.
All ideas are welcome and valid.
There are no bad ideas.


Always be learning, always be teaching.
Break things down into digestible nuggets.


But we take
the WORK very seriously.

Our advisers are worth it.


We celebrate originality and honor fellow creators with proper credit.


No dramatic games, don’t dance around hard subjects. Address issues head-on, then move on.


We’ve been there, and we understand you. Reach advisers with what they need, when they need it.

How to become an organized adviser trainer

Fill out an application

Attend onboarding call

Become one of the world's greatest journalism educators

Ready to apply?

We’re so excited to have you join us!
In addition to basic information about you, here is what you’ll need to gather for the application:


    Why is scholastic journalism important to you? Why do you want to become an Organized Adviser trainer?

  • Workshops

    List of any events, workshops, camps, or virtual sessions that you have taught in the past.

  • Recognitions

    Any awards or accomplishments you have received. (They don't have to be journalism-related! This is your chance to show off!)

  • Favorite Topics

    Let us know 3-5 topics that you LOVE to teach. Highlight any lessons or activities that are your claim to fame!

  • Work Sample

    This can be a lesson you created, a worksheet, a slideshow, a video, a document - anything that displays the kind of content you'll be creating.

  • Rates

    We have projects with varying budgets, so let us know what you expect to get paid for each type of project. We will do our best to match you with opportunities that meet your needs, but remember you can always choose to deny or accept any project you are offered!

  • Headshot

    Show us that smile!

  • Biography

    Show who you really are. Feel free to make it fun! (200-400 words)

Once your profile is created, you can add any content you’d like such as testimonials, photos of you teaching, etc.

What happens next?

FIRST – Once your application is accepted, we will be in touch to get you onboarded! Here is what you can look forward to:

💻 Schedule your Onboarding Call
👩🏼‍💻 Build your Trainer Profile
🗣 Build your Speaker Rider
💬 Join the Chat Channel
💰 Setup Direct Deposit

THEN – When there is an opportunity available that seems like it may be a good fit for you, we will contact you with the details. Take a look at the project’s deliverables, your available bandwidth, turn-around time, and let us know if you’re in or if you’d like to pass. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to build your Trainer Profile by creating content. You are welcome to submit anything you think is helpful and once published, it will feed into your profile. (If you haven’t published anything yet, it will show the most recent posts from the whole site.)

Be sure to share your profile so reps and event planners can learn about what you love to teach!


Ownership of intellectual property is incredibly important to us. Our goal is to provide a platform for scholastic journalism advisers to share their expertise and connect them with opportunities to create content, teach workshops, provide consultation, perform critiques, etc. 

  • You own all copyrights of the unpaid content you create and publish on Organized Adviser.
  • Unless otherwise noted, you own all copyrights of workshop material you create and present (either in-person or virtually).
  • You are encouraged, but never required, to publish any content on Organized Adviser.
  • For some projects, Organized Adviser (or our clients) require all copyrights of paid “Work Product,” under a work-for-hire agreement. For more details, view the Trainer Contract. 

We have zero tolerance for intellectual property theft. Everything you create should be original or properly credited to the best of your ability.


  • Trainers are 1099 Independent Contractors and not employees of Organized Adviser.
  • Trainers are are welcome to book projects and workshops independently or directly through us. 
  • Organized Adviser will make every effort to fairly match Trainers to projects that align with their expertise, experience, and pay rate, but due to the nature of consultative work, fluctuating workload, and varying project types, there are no guarantees.
  • Creating a profile on Organized Adviser does not guarantee work opportunities will be offered.
  • Organized Adviser works with all yearbook publishers and reps, newspaper printers, photography companies and other vendors.
  • Organized Adviser does not discriminate in the hiring of employees or independent contractors on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.

Lastly, this initiative is currently in the testing phase, so we appreciate your feedback!
Please be patient with us as we make adjustments as needed.